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Industrial UV printer

  • LR -UV2513 Seiko UV printer
LR -UV2513 Seiko UV printer

LR -UV2513 Seiko UV printer

  • Optical fiber transmission system
  • Partitioning vacuum suction platform
  • Intelligent positioning system
  • Automatic height measurement system
  • Product description: LongRun Seiko 2513 , new upgrade, five years sold 5000 sets

LR -UV2513 Seiko UV printer

Features and applications

New champagne gold, the home decoration, wooden floor, wall panel industry equipment

Double servo motor ,control performance is more stable

Head anti-collision device system

Automatic up and down platform

Automatic cleaning device to prevent head blocking

Application industry: ceramic tile, glass, wall panel, wood door, wood panel, metal, leather, Crafts, oil painting, PVC, ABS


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